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Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:

  • A Mobile man accused of burying his mother in a 55-gallon barrel under his front porch recently received bonds totaling a $130,000. The suspect, 32-year-old Nathaniel Sebastian, faces charges of murder, abuse of a corpse, felony probation violation and first-degree promoting prison contraband. The victim, 60-year-old Susan Mayo, had been missing since June. Officers monitoring Sebastian and his family initially thought they were investigating a missing person case until Sebastian told them his mother was buried underneath the front. Though Sebastian gave a “spontaneous confession” at the scene, he eventually entered a not guilty plea when he appeared in front of Mobile District Court Judge Joe Basenburg. During an initial interview, MCSO Captain Paul Burch stated that Sebastian had expressed a fondness for serial killer John Wayne Gacy, whose actions may have inspired the suspect.
  • Authorities believed they may have a third suspect in last week’s shooting death of a Birmingham teen. Terrius Hilliard was walking along Ensley with a friend when a white Dodge Charger drove by them and shot Hilliard. Police believed the targeting and shooting of Hilliard had been motivated by a school dispute earlier that day. Police later approached the white Dodge Charger at the Mystic Convenience store, which subsequently drove off and crashed. Two teenage suspects were arrested. According to Mystic Convenience security camera footage, a third possible suspect got out of the car, went into the store and later fled the scene.
  • A pair of adult sisters recently punched and spit on a Jefferson County school bus driver, racking up charges of harassment, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. According to the victim, whose name has not yet been released, Angela Davidson and Ashley Johnson came up to him near the end of his route because they were angry that the bus stopped two doors down from one of their houses instead of at their home. One sister spit through the window and punched the side of the driver’s head. As they exited the bus, one sister allegedly tried to rip off the crossing arm from the bus. Davidson has been arrested and released on a $1,000 bond. Police are still looking to apprehend Johnson.

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